Day 1: The Detox starts

Yesterday my 21 day paeo sugar detox started and it is a lot easier than I expected. The first time I did this detox I was used to eating sweets every day and going even one meal much less one dya without sugar was horrible. Yesterday, I did have a slight headache in the afternoon which could be due to cutting out caffeine so abruptly, but other than that I am feeling good.

This detox is pretty nice because I always feel like I eat a ton of food but not a lot of calories because I eat a lot of vegetables and meat. Part of the paleo philosphy is eating only the most natural foods and trying to stay away from any processed things. Although I don’t think I could eat this way forever and like to have a treat every once in awhile, this is a good way for me to reset my body and stop the cycle of needing a treat every day.

If you are going through the detox too I find it is easier to curb the cravings the first week if you constantly fill up on good food that is allowed on the detox so you never feel hungry. This helps me when people bring left over hoiday cookies to work or when everyone is munching on coffee and donuts and chatting about their vacations. I can honestly say I am not hungry because I like ate four carrots or a big bowl of beef and radish stew. There is no calorie restriction so eat away! But I think you’ll find you actually consume a lot less calories because(if you are doing it right) most of your food will be vegetables and you have to eat a whole lot of vegetables to get the same calories as a serving of ice cream or even a few pieces of chocolate.

I have uploaded another 21dsd friendly recipe that is also just amazing in general. I use this recipe anytime I make any kind of tacos, but I love that it is 21dsd freindly because you stuff the taco meat into vegetables instead of taco shells or tortillas. So if you want the recipe you can find it here.

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