Day 3: It’s freezing

Philadelphia has been brutally cold this week, which was made worse yesterday by some intense winds. One thing I noticed when doing this detox is that I tend to feel much colder. I have Grave’s disease, which is an overactive thyroid disorder, so I find more often than not that I feel warm, if not slightly over heated, most of the time. But I noticed the first time I did the detox that I didn’t feel as hot and sometimes got a little chilly, which was totally fine since I did it in the middle of summer when it was hot and humid. But I am noticing it again this time and it sucks because it was 21 degrees F last night when I left work to walk home with winds around 11 mph, so I was freezing and miserable the whole way back despite piling on layers upon layers of clothing.

Other people have talked about the “carb flu” when doing this detox, which is when you get flu-like symptoms (head aches, nausea, stomach aches, etc.) despite not being sick. I definitely got this the first time I did the detox, and at one point was freaking out because I was craving milk and that seemed to be the only thing I could get down. I was convinced I was in the early stages of diabetes. Long story short, stay away from WebMD folks. 

Anyways, this time the only real issue I’ve been having is being constantly cold. I have been combatting this by wearing at least three layers of clothing and/or snuggling in a warm blanket at any given moment and downing at least 2 cups of tea a day. I have also been eating the majority of my meals in soup form because it is hot, delicious and saves me from having rotting vegetables, since I’ve noticed that in the winter vegetables have to come from further away so they tend to go bad quicker. Soups are an easy thing for me to make in a large batch and portion out so I have an easy-to-grab meal stocked up for when I am busy, like my beef and radish stew, which is also 21dsd approved. You can make them on a day you have time and then eat it the rest of the week or freeze some if you like more variety. I published a new recipe for taco soup if you are interested, which you can find here

 I have yet to get sick this year so hopefully I can defy the cold weather and stay healthy. I hope you stay healthy and warm this winter! 

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