Day 4: My health is more important than your opinion

Yesterday was day 4 of the sugar detox and relatively uneventful. I had to stay late again for meeting, but this time I packed dinner for myself to avoid any cravings. I thought it might be an issue that I wasn’t eating pizza with everyone else, but no one said anything so either they didn’t notice or they were being polite. The first time I did the detox, I went out to lunch with my co-workers and tried to explain the detox when I couldn’t really eat anything on the menu. This got me a lot of eyebrow raises and attempts to get me to break the detox. It was almost like a game “let’s see who can make Alyssa break her detox first”, and quite frankly, it was more than a little bit annoying.

I kind of started to question the detox, but I looked through the 21dsd facebook page, which was filled with a bunch of supportive posts and others going through similar struggles. There was a rant by someone who was dealing with unsupportive friends and they said something to the effect of, “my health is more important than your opinion” and this stuck with me. This is the kind of attitude I carried with me into this detox and I am focusing on the numerous benefits I gained last time I did this, including, losing 10lbs(without even exercising), getting rid of my sugar cravings, gaining a ton of energy because I was fueling my body with good nutrients, and an overall improved self-image.

This time around I have yet to tell anyone but my boyfriend and my mom (who are both very supportive) what I am doing and have even compiled a list of excuses to use in the case I need to explain why I am not eating something. However, last night I wasn’t even questioned about not eating pizza and today one of my coworkers brought truffles into lab meeting and no one said anything when I didn’t eat one. I have come to the conclusion that the best way to deal with people who aren’t supportive of the detox is to just not draw attention to it. 

This detox seems extreme to many people and I understand where it may seem like one of those gimmicky diets that works for a second and then you lose all your progress once it ends, but I don’t see it this way. This is just a way for me to reset my body by shocking it. I find after doing this detox it is a lot easier to focus on a healthy lifestyle because I am used to prepping my food in advance and always being prepared with healthy snacks so I don’t end up binging. Also, after not eating sugar for so long, everything tastes sweet so I don’t need to add a lot of sweeteners to my food and I can stop after one scoop of ice cream instead of consuming the whole pint.  I also get inspired to create new healthy recipes with wholesome, unprocessed foods because I am so used to avoiding processed junk.

Anyways, I have uploaded a new recipe for a healthy chocolate milkshake, which you can find here! This is one of my favorites on and off the 21dsd. It is packed with nutrients and is still delicious. Even though it seems like a dessert, I usually have it for a snack or even for breakfast(don’t judge me) because it is super filling and does have around 300 calories. But it is packed with nutrients and has less than a third of the cal0ries of a typical chocolate milkshake. Enjoy!


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