Day 5: TGIF

Yesterday, I had meeting that started at 11am and I wasn’t sure how long it would go so I ate a little snack beforehand and was super glad I did. It was about 2 hours long so I didn’t get to eat lunch until close to 1pm and if I hadn’t had a snack I would have been starving and irritable. Plus, one of my coworkers brought treats in and I definitely would have caved and had one if I hadn’t been prepared with 21dsd approved snacks to tide me over.

I got to leave work a little early since I didn’t have any lab work and could do paperwork at home. Also, practically no one was in the office, which is super depressing and makes it hard for me to stay motivated. I also got super exhausted around 3pm, which is really the first time I felt tired all week. I have had so much energy, but have also been sleeping much better once I fell asleep. The first time I did this detox I felt exhausted a lot the first week and didn’t start feeling great/get an energy spike until midway through week 2. I am glad that this detox has been easier, but I got worried yesterday since my exhaustion didn’t go away and I could barely stay awake until 9pm, when I went to bed.

I find Friday nights are one of the most difficult time for me to resist sugar because I always like to have a treat to celebrate the end of the week and usually I am to lazy too cook so I order food with my boyfriend. It has become a habit which then spreads into me ordering over the weekend. This cycle oftentimes continues throughout the week because I am eating bad food, which spikes my blood sugar leading to crashes and exhaustion, which in turn leads me to order more bad food because I am too lazy to cook healthy food and break the cycle.

This brings me to the 21dsd which forces me to consciously think about eating healthy, forces me to prepare good food all the time, and doesn’t allow any slip ups because you are given a list of foods that are good and bad. I obviously don’t suggest this for long-term eating. Criminalizing foods can lead to feeling deprived, obsessing over food, and even eating disorders, but for a short time this helps me refocus on eating healthy and prepares me for the amount of cooking and food preparation that healthy eating requires.

I’ll admit that yesterday night was when some intense food cravings hit. I think it has become such a habit to binge on junk food on Friday nights that it felt like I was breaking tradition. I wasn’t even hungry, but I felt the need to have something to eat while watching a movie, so I had some caramel flavored herbal tea. This definitely was not what my taste buds were looking for, but it was enough to keep my mind from lamenting about not having a treat. I could have made a 21dsd approved treat but I was feeling really tired, my kitchen wasn’t clean, and I had already had a healthy chocolate milkshake(sugar free) for breakfast so I felt like I’d already had a huge treat. I guess my laziness did win out in the end, but this time it prevented me from eating poorly instead of binging, so I guess that’s progress, right?

Saturday and Sunday are usually when i do all of my cooking so i will probably put up a few new recipes as I make them this weekend :):)

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