Day 8: Food Dreams

I had a weird dream Sunday night that was a cross between a weird japanese music video and candy crush. Essentially, I was running through a maze made out of pastel colored clouds and had to either dodge or hit all the food being thrown at me with a hammer. It was kind of like a metaphor for the 21dsd. I feel like I am constantly trying to dodge sugary foods that people offer me and spend more time chopping vegetables than I do eating. I also made chicken the other day which I pounded down with a meat hammer(this is very fun and I highly suggest you try it someday), so maybe this is where the hammer in my dream came from.

Anyways, I didn’t really have any cravings yesterday. I was pretty busy at work and had great success with my experiments so I was in an overall good mood and didn’t have a lot of time to think about food. My legs were a little stiff since I did a leg workout in the morning andprobably didn’t stretch as well as I should have, but overall I had a lot of energy. I have found that I naturally get tired around 3-4pm in the afternoon, so I always have a cup of tea(usually with a little caffine) which perks me right up.

Today I made a 21dsd friendly version of chinese green beans that are oftentimes found at chinese buffets. You can find the recipe here.

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