Day 10: Eating Out

The one thing that is super difficult to do on the 21 day sugar detox is eat out. My lab wanted to go to a Korean restaurant to have lunch. This lunch has already be rescheduled three times(including moving it from this Monday to today) and I didn’t want to be difficult so I spent a good deal of last night looking through the menu and determining what I could and could not eat. Unfortunately, none of the Korean food was 100% 21dsd friendly, but I managed to find a soup(called yukgaejang) and just ate the broth, vegetables and beef out of it(leaving the rice noodles alone and giving away my rice side dish). It was super delicious and perfect for such a cold day.

I’ve also recently discovered that I am huge fan of collard greens. These are packed with nutrients and taste similar to a spinach but is a little tougher of a texture. I love to either boil or sautee the collards(with garlic and butter) and eat them with a poached egg and/or with a slice(or two) of bacon. This makes such a quick and easy breakfast or dinner that I am now obsessed. As a busy/lazy grad student I love any meal that is quick and simple to make, delicious, but also healthy. This definitely fits into that category.

Last night I experimented with making a 21dsd-friendly sandwich bread. I was surprised by how well it came out despite it being my first attempt. It was a little heavy but stil good. I don’t know if this would be my go-to bread recipe when I am not on the 21dsd, but I would definitely try to make the original recipe(which uses honey as a sweetener and can be found here) because it looks amazing. The reason I wanted to make this bread is because one of my favorite snacks ever is avocado(or butter) and radish tea sandwiches and I still have a few radishes left over from my food share that I need to eat.  If you want the recipe for the bread I made, you can find it here.


2 thoughts on “Day 10: Eating Out

  1. dtkb29 says:

    The 21DSD is one of my favorite things that I’ve ever done! One of the simplest breakfasts I ever made and still make all the time is sweet potatoes cut up into chunks and sauteed with coconut oil, parsley, and cinnamon. (I know it depends what level of the plan you’re following for how much sweet potato you can have). And then I served it with zucchini fritters made with eggs and coconut flour along with some spices.

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