Day 11: Go Flyers!

I am a huge ice hockey fan and love the Philadelphia Flyers! They are sucking it up on the ice this year but I love them anyways. Tonight I am headed to a Flyers game with my friend who has season tickets and I am psyched but also feel kind of bad. Usually when we go to games we down at least one of those gigantic $8 beers and usually grab some stadium food to go with it, but because I am on the 21dsd I have to be the party pooper who can’t eat anything. My friend is totally supportive  and is one of those awesome people who will enjoy herself anyways and not worry about offending me by having a hotdog and some Yuengling.

However, today one of my lab mates brought in some green tea kit kats(from Japan) to share and I think was a little offended when I refused to have one. I did explain I was not eating sugar right now and she definitely understood, but I could tell she was still a little disappointed as were some of the other lab members because we love to share food with each other. I totally get it because I love feeding people. Maybe it’s the Italian part of me that feels like food is love and I genuinely enjoy cooking/baking for people and want them to enjoy the food. If they refuse, it feels like rejection and like they didn’t appreciate the gesture even though they have perfectly legit reasons like allergies, trying to stay in shape for a sport, not being hungry or just plain not wanting it. I won’t stop baking/cooking for people, but I will also try to keep in mind that rejecting my food is not a rejection of me. It’s just food.

Anyways, I filled up with salmon, Chinese green beans (recipe here), collard greens and a healthy chocolate milkshake(recipe here) for dinner so I am not hungry at all during the game and won’t be tempted to eat any stadium food. With that being said I have to catch the subway now to get to the game. GO FLYERS!

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