Day 13: I am a nerd

WARNING: Extremely nerdy content following. Skip to the next paragraph to avoid talk of fantasy role-playing games.  I went over to a friend’s house today to play Dungeon Master, which is a simpler version of Dungeons and Dragons and it was a ton of fun. I was a Druid who had the ability to turn into any animal from a forest and talk to any animal or inanimate object from the earth. Our team defeated a banshee and a dragon and took back a magical tower hidden behind a mystical waterfall. We also picked up two orphans along the way, which I subsequently adopted after our adventure was over. I have never played a game like this before, but I would definitely do it again. At first I found it a little awkward to try to make up details of the game but I got over that quickly since the people playing were really creative and got into their characters so I got into it as well. I have been trying to push the boundaries of my comfort zone more and branch out because I always learn from the experience (good or bad). If I wasn’t a total nerd before I definitely am now because I will definitely be playing more D&D in the future.

I brought a few snacks that were 21dsd approved over to my freind’s house to eat during the game and my paleo banana bread muffins (recipe here) were a huge hit. No one seemed to mind that there was no added sugar. I actually doubled the recipe and used cashew butter instead of almond butter and used 1/4 cup almond meal and 1/4 cup coconut flour(since I was running out of both) and I think these muffins turned out the best yet! They were very moist and flavorful and had a texture similar to what you would get with regular flour, so I am now a huge fan of this variation.

I also attempted to make turnip chips but they didn’t turn out well. I have always had trouble with making baked fries and chips. For some reason half of the chips end up burnt while the others don’t seem to get cooked even though I try really hard to get them all the size. This is not just a problem with my current oven because I have tried to make chips in three different ovens and have never had success, so I am going to experiment some more and upload a recipe once I find something that works. 

I was kind of busy today but I am gong to be cooking all day tomorrow so I will probably have some new recipes up then, so stay tuned. 

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