Day 14: 2 weeks down one to go!

Today marks the end of the second week of my 21 day sugar detox. I have noticed that I am sleeping a lot better lately. I can even stay up a little later than usual and still wake up at my normal 5:30am feeling refreshed and awake. If you couldn’t tell from my previous posts, I am definitely a morning person. I like to get up and immediately exercise and shower with enough time to enjoy a cup of tea/coffee while watching the sunrise from my balcony (during the warmer months of course) or from the comfort of my couch.

Today was one of those lazy days when the weather is horrible outside, so I just stayed in my pjs all day, reading, catching up on tv, and prepped a lot of food for this week. I made some delicious 21dsd friendly, paleo, gluten-free pizza (recipe here) as well as some of my mini egg quiches(recipe here). But I forgot chicken at the store to make my crock pot buffalo chicken wraps, so stay tuned for that recipe tomorrow. The university is closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. day, so I have an extra long weekend, which is good since I wasn’t going out in this weather to get chicken from whole foods (which I forgot when I went to the store on Saturday).  Unfortunately the 21dsd doesn’t improve memory because mine still sucks, which is why I end up stopping at Whole Foods almost every day.

Other exciting news is that my winter food share starts up this Thursday, so I will probably be posting more recipes as I incorporate my farm fresh veggies into my diet. A lot of the veggie choices are a surprise each week because the shares are dependent on the harvests of the local farms and stuff happens so sometimes I get vegetables I’ve never even heard of. I find the winter shares to be the least exciting because farms can’t produce a large variety of vegetables in the winter because of the weather, so it is mostly root vegetables and squashes. I probably won’t be able to eat a lot of these things(like potatoes, sweet potatoes, and winter squashes) until I am off the 21dsd, but after it ends I will probably be posting more recipes that use the seasonal vegetables I get from the food shares.

I am excited to be able to introduce a lot of these more starchy veggies back into my diet, but one thing I (rather surprisingly) don’t miss that much is added sugar. I have noticed that the further I get into this detox, the sweeter/better regular food tastes to me. I haven’t had cheese in over a week, but I had it on the gluten free pizza I made today and it tasted amazing. Also, the banana bread muffins I made for my friend’s house tasted sweet even though I used green-tipped bananas and didn’t add extra sugar. I also have had a ton of energy and to date have lost a total of 6lbs! The last tiem I did this detox I lost 10lbs(without exercising) and was impressed but this time I am even more impressed because in addition to losing weight, sleeping better, having more energy and my jeans fitting better, I feel like I have gotten stronger. I have to modify fewer exercises and have to pause during my HIIT(high intensity interval training)workouts a lot less. So overall the past two weeks have been a great success. Two down, one more to go!

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