Day 15: Allergies

So I had an allergic reaction to something I either touched or ate today and got hives on my arms and neck. Luckily it is not too bad. Hopefully it will clear up by tomorrow. I suspect it might be related to the radishes I ate at lunch because the hives started shortly after I ate my radish and avocado tea sandwiches for lunch (recipe here). I have extremely sensitive skin and have the weirdest, most random allergies ever (like pine sap and eggplant), so occasionally this happens. Because of this issue I have gone all natural with my hair products, toothpaste, laundry detergent, dish and hand soap, deodorant, cleaning products and basically everything that my skin comes into contact with.

I recently discovered that it is fairly easy(and cheaper) to make a lot of these products, so I will experimenting with making a lot of these products as I run out of them. The first trial I am going to do is making my own deodorant, so when I try making this stuff I will start a new section of this blog detailing how I made this stuff so you guys can too if you want.

Despite my annoying allergies, I managed to cook quite a few things today and I uploaded three new recipes! The first is the radish and avocado tea sandwiches I mentioned before (that I may be allergic to). The second was 21 dsd approved lemon poppy seed muffins (recipe here), which are sweetened only by green tipped bananas and are gluten free. They were still delicious and I will probably be making them when I am not on the 21dsd (I may add a couple tablespoons of sugar just because they are a sweeter muffin). The last recipe was buffalo chicken collard wraps recipe here), which can easily be made in a crock pot and tastes awesome.

I signed up for a food exchange through Philly Swappers, which I have attended a few times in the past and loved. Essentially, everyone brings a few items that they have made(it can be food, sugar scrub, plants, spices, or really anything as long as it is homemade and consumable) and they trade with everyone else. I always make something sweet, so this time I want to do something different. I am thinking of making healthy snack bars or apple chips and some sort of dip. It is going to be tricky to do a recipe that is not 21dsd approved because my detox will end the day before the food exchange so I have to make the food while on the 21dsd. If I make something not 21dsd approved then I won’t be able to taste it, which is not how I like to cook. Plus, I change my mind every other day so if I told you what I was making then I would probably change my mind next week, so when I decide what I am making, I will definitely post the recipe here so you guys can replicate it:)


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