Day 16: The return of the allergies

I have been super tired all day. My allergies cleared up overnight and I was feeling pretty good(except for the drowsiness) until I came home tonight and BAM, hives. I will probably go to the doctor tomorrow to try and figure out what  am allergic to so I can avoid it from now on. I think my sleepiness might be due to not eating enough. I have been tracking my food throughout the 21dsd to make sure I stay on track and get all my nutrients. Looking back through the past couple of days I have been consistently under my recommended calories and have only been consuming between 1000-1200, which is super low considering I am also working out everyday and pushing myself pretty hard. I have not felt super hungry these past few days and feel like I am eating a ton(because it is mostly veggies), but I think I need to step up my caloric intake a little bit to combat the exhaustion and make sure my body is getting the nutrients it need.

In general, I have noticed a decline in hunger since starting the 21dsd, but for the past 2 weeks this has coincided with an increase in energy, so I didn’t really see eating less as a problem. I can’t tell if the sluggishness I’ve felt over the past few days is due to my allergy attacks or to not consuming enough food/nutrients or both. Either way I am going to make a conscious effort tomorrow to consume enough calories by prepping more healthy food choices. 

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