Day 17: Counting down the days

With only four days left in the 21dsd, I am finding myself growing more and more impatient for the detox to be over. It’s not like I want to go back to my old eating habits, but I am tired of having to constantly question whether or not something is 21dsd approved. This has been a fun challenge and has definitely jump started my weight loss and instilled a lot of good habits into my everyday life, but I would like to be able to go out to dinner with my friends and be able to eat without worrying something has hidden sugar or carbs.

A few of my friends wanted to go out to eat for restaurant week here in Philly, which combines two of my favorite things: food and a bargain. However, I had to be the difficult one who had restrictions on what restaurants we could go to because a lot of the restaurants didn’t have menu options that would fit into the 21dsd. Although my friends are pretty supportive and are more than happy to take my dessert off my hands, I can’t wait until I am able to eat in a more realistic way (which means sometimes splurging a little bit).

The key things I hope to bring out of the 21dsd are moderation and healthy cooking. The 21dsd basically ensures that you have to cook every meal, every day. This is the best way to make sure your food is healthy and wholesome and you know exactly what is in it and how it was prepared. Obviously, I will sometimes go out to eat but now I have a better idea of what portion sizes to be eating of things(at least half my plate should be filled with veggies at every meal) and I will be able to limit my treats to once in awhile instead of everyday. I also plan to continue to cook and plan out/prep my meals in advance so I am never stuck at work with low blood sugar and only the unhealthy choices of the food carts/snack machines to satisfy my hunger.


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