Day 18: First Food Share of the season!

I got my first food share of 2015! The winter share tends to be a bit more sparse and less varying than the other seasons for obvious reasons, but it is still worth it because I prefer to eat seasonal foods. The food is locally grown by small farmers who use sustainable farming practices and tends to taste a lot better and fresher than stuff found in the store. This is all the stuff I got in my share this week:


One of things I am most excited for is the popcorn(which comes as dried corn on the cob). It is so cool and makes a super healthy and easy to make snack with very few calories. Once I am able to eat popcorn again you can expect a tutorial on how to cook this crazy popcorn and a few snack recipes using it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t actually use any of this for dinner tonight because I promised my boyfriend that I would make bacon cheeseburgers(recipe here) and I still had some leftover chinese green beans(recipe here) and collard for veggies. I am excited to cook with all this stuff(well the stuff I can eat on the 21dsd) this weekend though and will maybe post some new recipes using this stuff then.

Also, I decided for my food exchange I am going to make homemade deodorant and a healthy version of cheez-its(one of my favorite snacks)! I haven’t actually made the cheez-its yet but will post the recipe when I make them this weekend. It is my first time trying to make them and I am going to try o make them gluten-free and 21dsd friendly so I will let you know how they turn out. I made the deodorant for the first time last night(experimental results here) and was very happy with the results, so worse comes to worst I have that to bring.

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