Day 19: It’s all downhill from here

Yesterday was day 19 of the 21 dsd and was a Friday. I was really glad that I had leftovers because I was way too tired to make food for dinner and the boyfriend was ordering buffalo chicken pizza(one of my favs) for dinner. it was super tempting to just call it quits and be “close enough”, but I made it through. Saturday is usually my food shopping/meal planning/cooking day so I always have good stuff to eat. Thus, in the words of New Found Glory “It’s all downhill from here”. Only two more days to go and I will have successfully completed another 21dsd!

I had a ton of energy yesterday in the morning/afternoon but then I had an HKN meeting(which is the electrical engineering honors society), which for soeme reason wiped me out even though it was not a stressful meeting. I got home and basically watched tv all night. It was kind of nasty because of the snow storm so I didn’t really want to go anywhere and I had missed quite a few episodes of shows I like to watch this week because I have been busy, so it was nice to catch up. Overall it was an uneventful day filled with meetings, paperwork, television and leftovers. Can’t wait for the weekend!

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