Day 20: Two days left!

Only two days left to go on this round of the 21dsd! Today was a pretty nasty weather day. In typical Philadelphia fashion, it warmed up enough that all the snow that fell yesterday turned into slush and then later on in the day, when it got colder, everything turned into ice. The one nice thing about the terrible weather was that it prevented a lot of people from coming out so Whole Foods was practically empty, so I was free to poke around and read labels without being in the way.

I cooked a lot of stuff today and have a few more things to cook tomorrow, so expect a lot of new recipes in the next few days. In honor of my sister’s birthday, I experimented with making sugar-free 21dsd cupcakes(recipe here) and frosting (recipe here) and they turned out surprisingly well. Unfortunately, we couldn’t celebrate it together, but if she is reading this… HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This cupcake recipe could also be used to make gluten-free cupcakes(with sugar) when you are not on the 21dsd and I added a few modifications in the recipe so you can make these a bit sweeter.

Tomorrow is the last day of the 21dsd and also one of my final challenges because I am going out with some friends for restaurant week. I’ve already checked the menu and can eat something off the appetizer and meal selections but will have to give away my dessert. This is another reason I made those 21dsd friendly chocolate coconut cupcakes is so that I will a little treat waiting for me at home tomorrow so I won’t be tempted to stop my detox a day early.

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